Frequently Asked Questions

What is Art Fête? - Art Fête is French for "Art Party"! We provide the supplies and instruction needed to throw a custom art events – all you have to do is provide the space. 

Cost - How much is an Art Fête?
Kids' Fête - $25 per child. 
Adult Fête - $40 per adult
Grande Fête - $35 per person
Corporate Fête - $35 per person
Tote Fête - $40 per person

Deposit - Why do I need to make a deposit?
A deposit is needed to reserve the date for your party and to ensure no one else books that date. Your deposit will be taken off the total of your party.

Location - What locations do you travel to?
Art Fêtes are currently only being thrown in NJ, though we accommodate out-of-state parties on a case-by-case basis.  Please provide your location when you book your party. We will personally discuss your location with you and the minimum number of guests required.

Number of guests - Is there a minimum number of guests I need to have for a party?
To book an Art Fête, you will need a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 40.

Difficulty - Do I need to have artistic talent or have painted before to have an Art Fête?
Art Fête is for everyone! Whether you have never touched a paint brush before or are an avid painter, you will be successful at your Art Fête! 

Materials - What materials do I need to provide?
You only need to provide the space and we will provide the rest! 

Space - How much space will I need?
For twelve guests you will need space for two 6' x 2.5' banquet tables and chairs. A drop cloth will be provided to protect your floors. For parties greater than twelve, you will need to provide the tables and chairs for the amount of guests you will be hosting.

Do you still have a question? Email or call 201-878-4212 and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.