Kids' Fête



Are you looking for a fun and creative alternative to the typical children's party? 

Our founder, Kathleen Kowalski, is an elementary school art teacher and teaches students in preschool through grade four. She knows the importance of inspiring creativity at a young age and paints with her students every day. 

Art Fête is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or special event in your child's life. An art party will spark your child and their friends' imaginations and allow them to let their creativity shine. Best of all, they will leave their painting party with a beautiful painting they can be proud of.

Though Art Fête parties are fun for all ages, we currently only offer parties for children ages five and up.

Pricing your party

$25 per child

Children's parties must have a minimum of six guests and a maximum of twelve to have tables and chairs provided by Art Fête. 

If you have rented a private space with tables and chairs included, Art Fête can accommodate up to 20 children.

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